Wedding Couple Kissing in Utrecht

What to wear to a wedding

Ever been to a wedding where some of the wedding guests look almost as fabulous as the bride? Whether it’s knowing how to match your shoes with your coat or choosing just the right outfit for the season, there are secrets to putting together the perfect wedding day outfit, and here are just a few:



The season of the wedding should influence everything from the fabric of your outfit to the length of your sleeves. For winter weddings, a good place to start with is the coat. Choosing a woollen coat in neutral, soft colours like camel or grey or cream will give you more options with your outfit; a strong colour with matching shoes, on the hand, could really pull your outfit together. For your outfit, think jewel tones like striking red or plum or, for something special, glittering silver or gold. Because you’ll be wearing a coat and possibly scarf stockings and gloves, accessories can be kept simple and bold. For weddings in other seasons, the warmer the weather the fewer items of clothing you’ll need, which means you can up the ante with accessories and choose brighter colours and more elaborate patterns for your outfit.


Ask the couple who are holding the wedding if they have a colour scheme or theme planned for their wedding. Guests who are beautifully in sync with the rest of the décor make for beautiful photos and very happy brides and grooms. Your soon-to-be-married friends or family will be touched by your effort to coordinate with their own outfits, and it will make choosing your outfit easier too.


The venue of the wedding can be a great source of inspiration when thinking about the look you want to create. If the couple is having a beach wedding, for example, think colours like yellows, blues or greens that reflect the scenery, and dresses that will keep you cool in the sun, such as a flowy maxi dress. For walking on the beach, beautifully decorated sandals are a better option for navigating the sand than six-inch heels. A wedding in a castle or some other historic venue, on the other hand, calls for a classic, glamorous look such as an evening dress.

One of my biggest considerations when planning an outfit to wear to a wedding is the comfort, which means thinking about everything from being warm or cool enough, to wearing shoes you can dance in and a dress that’s loose enough to eat and breathe in! Case in point: on my own wedding day, one of my family members had to leave early because her shoes were so painful! Try on your outfit a few times before the big day. If your shoes are new, make sure to break them in. Suffering in uncomfortable clothes and shoes can ruin the whole day – and one of the best gifts you can give to any wedding couple is to have a fabulous time on their special day! Some great places to find wedding beach shoes is on Etsy.