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Why I love ‘Love Made by Youki’


Looking for a designer for your dress but not sure who to choose? You might want to check out designer and dressmaker Youki, the proud owner of ‘Love Made by Youki’. This week I went straight to the source to find out all I could about this talented designer and the stunning gowns she creates...

What is a wedding planner?  Q: 1/5

We are bringing you a tone of chats around weddings and helping to you to plan as well as you can. This months chat is with The Expat Wedding Planner Beatrice Betley. This video is 1/5 questions, first up - What a is wedding planner?

How to find the right wedding band for your budget.

In What to think about When Choosing Your Wedding Band I gave pointers on how to start looking. This BLOG article is about what to do after you have found a few bands you like.

“I want Anouk and her band at my wedding.” After a long search, you’ve both agreed: you want Anouk to play at your reception. Your budget is 1000 euro. OK. This is not going to happen. Get a local band that is smaller and that plays some of her songs. Maybe their lead singer has long blond hair and an attitude…


Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding Day.

Pinterest is a great place to start planning your wedding for two reasons: first because of the abundance of creative and inspirational wedding ideas you'll find on there and, second, because it's a great place to collect, sort and organise your own ideas.

3 Simple Tips for Taking Amazing Wedding Photos.


The world is a beautiful place and especially weddings, which is why one of the things I LOVE is helping people who are not trained photographers (such as guests at a friend's or family member's wedding) to capture this beauty in the photos they take. There are simple tricks and tips involved in making a photo shine, and I'm going to share them with you now.


Tip 1: The rule of third
Tip 2: Look for the Unobvious
Tip 3: Small details

Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America

Getting married is the most precious event for any couple. Not only are they opening their doors to happily ever after, through thick and thin, but also it is a glorious ceremony where two people will become one. Better yet, if the couple’s wedding is recorded, they re-live the memories with family members, friends and colleagues, watching it over and over again.

Having a colour scheme at your wedding.

What about having a colour schemes and wedding planning? How important is it that you coordinate colours when decorating your venue?

Being a business owner with dyslexia.

Having dyslexia was a big struggle for me, 20 years ago they didn’t really have any idea at schools what it meant to be dyslexic. You were treated as if you where not intelligent enough or you were “too slow”, but in fact I learnt later in life that this is not the case.

5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer.


Every Wedding Photographer charges different fees for their work. When comparing these fees, check what exactly is included in the price they are quoting for their wedding package: does it include albums, canvases, printed photographs, engagement shoots?

How to Overcome Wedding Anxiety.


I started suffering from anxiety around two years ago. I had been living in London and was about to make a big move to the Netherlands to work as a photo editor for Greenpeace. I needed to get my anxiety sorted pronto if I was going to pursue the career and life that I wanted.

Danger of Comparing Yourself on Social Media.

Social media is a great place to find wedding inspiration. It can also be a great way to stir up serious amounts of wedding envy and self-doubt. Like over that castle your friend managed to get for her wedding venue (how did she afford it?). Or those impossibly natural and romantic shots of the bride and groom looking too good to be true. Or that wedding dress that looks so perfect on her body but you know wouldn't work on yours.

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