Wedding Dress Designer

Wedding Dress Designer

Looking for a designer for your dress but not sure who to choose? You might want to check out designer and dressmaker Youki, the proud owner of ‘Love Made by Youki’. This week I went straight to the source to find out all I could about this talented designer and the stunning gowns she creates.

Youki started her career in the clothing business and moved to making wedding dresses over a year ago. It all started after her friends began to ask her to make their wedding dresses.

“I really enjoyed making them,” she says. “When you’re working on a clothing line you’re recreating the same clothes and it becomes a bit impersonal. With a wedding dress, you design the dress for the person and make each dress unique”.

Youki spent all her time drawing as a child. “I was drawing in all my school classes, drawing dolls and clothing,” she says. She started her career after attending clothing design school. “I went to a fashion tailor school to learn about tailoring and there you really learn the basics of making clothes and dresses,” she says. “However my approach now is to make everything one of a kind, which is a little different from what I learned during my education.” Her design skills she learned at the art academy of Rotterdam. Youki’s personal style is summery, bohemian, and vintage. She also works with other styles like Lindy Hop, very 20’s and 30’s Princess Elizabeth style.

When clients come to Youki she likes to see a photograph of the dress the client has in mind. “We will talk and I will create a mood board for her and give her advice on the style of dress she has chosen, so she knows what is good on her body in combination with the fabrics she has chosen.” This is valuable advice, and something brides might not get in larger shops. Every ‘body’ looks different in the same dress.

Youki works with a lace designer from Portugal who makes custom-made lace, just one of the ways in which she is able to create unique dresses for her brides. “She creates the lace with a knotting technique and forms beautiful flower shapes,” explains Youki. “We can also create a lace shape together if a bride has a certain request.” Youki uses a supplier of ecologic fabrics that she orders from Germany, and remakes as well as creates dresses, such as up cycling bride’s mother’s dresses.

Youki’s goal is to create dresses for brides that are completely unique and not something they might see on a friend at that friend’s wedding the following year. She says: “A wedding is a personal event and your dress should be yours, not yours and 1000 others.”


If you are looking to get your dress handmade I would suggest visiting ‘Love Made by Youki’:

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