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The 4 Different Wedding Photography Styles.


According to The Knot wedding magazine, there are four different wedding photography styles: Artistic, Lifestyle, Dramatic and Documentary. I agree that these four styles are very prominent within the industry. With a first look at a wedding photographer’s website, you would be able to put them into one of the four categories. But I also believe that not all photographers fit a single style.

Planning a Wedding On A Budget.


Plenty of soon-to-be-married couples I have spoken to go over their wedding budget, only realising the fact after the wedding day. But why? One of the key reasons is that many couples fail to take into account all the little things involved in an event of this kind, the cost of which quickly add up. And there are so many little things. Think of postage costs, cuffs or the jewellery that’s needed for the wedding. Going over your budget can be avoided with the right amount of planning. And part of that is looking for ways to cut costs wherever you can.

What information do photographs need from me before the wedding day?


Your photographer will probably come to you with a list of things they need to know before your big day. Most photographers have their own individual approach and clear ideas about what is important for them to know. Even so..

Overcoming the Challenges of Running your Own Business Alone.


Starting and running your own business is an amazing experience, but it can also be one of the hardest thing you'll ever do. Top of the list of my challenges would have to be the endless time spent alone and all the decisions I have to make with no one to bounce my ideas off.

Eva Owner of Allure Couture.

As a wedding photographer who also photographs in Voorburg, I come across many shops and businesses that every bride needs for her big day. Some stand out because of their style, quality, service, or just because there’s something special and unique about them.

Upcycling your wedding dress with Unielle Couture.


Nobody knows better than you what your dream wedding dress should look like. So should you just seize your creativity with both hands and design your dream frock yourself? Maybe, maybe not. Designing your own wedding dress can be a great way to get your dream dress, especially if you do it with the right planning and approach, but it has pros and cons.

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