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How to pick your wedding photographer.


Choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding day is a difficult task and, in my opinion, perhaps one of the most important decisions you will make in terms of your wedding planning.

My wedding day in Cripps Barn went by so fast. While I cherish all the memories, there is nothing like an image to capture all the little details and small moments you forget or simply missed on the day. Having great images to look over after my wedding was a truly special moment for me and my husband: we could slow down and take it all in, and live it all over again. And it all came down to choosing the right photographer.

How To Get a Good Deal With Your Wedding Photographer.

Every wedding photographer, no matter how big or small, or how long they have been in business for, will be happy to work with your budget as much as they can.

Most wedding professionals I have met love their work and are happy to get the booking. It has never bothered me when some ask for a discounted rate (as long as it’s not radically lower). We all know how much weddings can cost.

What to wear to a wedding.


Ever been to a wedding where some of the wedding guests look almost as fabulous as the bride? Whether it's knowing how to match your shoes with your coat or choosing just the right outfit for the season, there are secrets to putting together the perfect wedding day outfit, and here are just few:

How to prepare for an Engagement shoot.


An engagement shoot is a photo-shoot you have just or a few months after your engagement has been announced. These can also cleverly be used to send out on the wedding invitations, which I love.

First dance songs for your wedding day.

First dance songs can be tough to pick, especially once you realise just how many options are out there. Do you go for something cheeky and irreverent, something you can really jive to, or something that's intensely meaningful to you both?

Losing weight for your wedding


Google the words 'lose weight' and 'wedding' and you'll get a good idea of how all-consuming this issue is for many brides planning their wedding. My response to this is simple: stop the craziness! And it's crazy on SO many levels.

What I Didn’t Like With My Own Wedding Photographer.


Many of you already know that I got married on the 4th of August 2015. It was a fantastic day and just as special and memorable as I hoped. But, and here's the inevitable catch, no one is ever 100% happy with every little detail of their wedding day.


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