Top 10 most expensive places to get married in America

Getting married is the most precious event for any couple. Not only are they opening their doors to happily ever after, through thick and thin, but also it is a glorious ceremony where two people will become one. Better yet, if the couple’s wedding is recorded, they re-live the memories with family members, friends and colleagues, watching it over and over again.

That is why having the perfect place to get married is a dream come true for most couples, well mostly for the bride at least. From the simple garden, weddings to chapel weddings in Las Vegas to lavish and the most luxurious wedding venues in America, no matter how expensive the place is, most couples will do anything to make their dream wedding come true.

But the venue is just one of the many things to take into account for that perfect dream wedding. There is the bride’s gown, for example. This could set back the couple as standards these days are quite high for gowns. Other elements that should be considered for a perfect wedding ceremony are catering services, giveaways, floral arrangements, photographers and videographers, and of course the wedding organizers.

So, if you are really dedicated to that perfect wedding with your sought-after venue, we have prepared a very concise but eye-popping graphic below for the most expensive wedding places to get married in America.

Here’s the infographic and be astounded by how much couples are really willing to spend so they could have that picturesque wedding and be the talk of the town for ages. Well, for most, this only comes once in a lifetime, so why not give it all.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Places To Get Married In America