Prepare for an engagement shoot

An engagement shoot is a photo-shoot you have just or a few months after your engagement has been announced. These can also cleverly be used to send out on the wedding invitations, which I love. When getting ready for the photo shoot you might want to think about getting your hair done this could be a great opportunity to see how your bridal hair would turn out in the images.



The engagement shoot does not require you to shop for matching outfits, however, I always suggest to wear something that makes you feel at your best but comfortable to be moving around for a few hours. Pick a location that has to mean for you and your partner like a restaurant you both love or a place you often walk the dog. If you can’t think of anywhere speak with your photographer about your style and personalities and they should be able to find the best place to photograph you.




Take a prop, I ask my clients to bring a prop along hopefully if you are not overly comfortable in fount of the camera the prop will act as a distraction and will allow you to let go a little more relaxed. Have fun and laugh – let your hair down and have a little fun this will really help to capture beautiful and authentic photographs of you both. And finally try to think as if it’s only the two of you, I sometimes ask my clients to think about the first time they met or what happened when they were proposed to, to help provoke the feelings as they shine through the face and images.