Planning a wedding on a budget

Plenty of soon-to-be-married couples I have spoken to go over their wedding budget, only realising the fact after the wedding day. But why? One of the key reasons is that many couples fail to take into account all the little things involved in an event of this kind, the cost of which quickly add up. And there are so many little things. Think of postage costs, cuffs or the jewellery that’s needed for the wedding.

Going over your budget can be avoided with the right amount of planning. And part of that is looking for ways to cut costs wherever you can.

Your Wedding Date

Most couples don’t factor in how much they could save just by changing the date of their wedding. If you book your wedding for a weekday, you’ll likely pay hundreds if not thousands less for your venue than if you had had your wedding on a Saturday or Sunday. This can also be the case with other vendors like your photographer or flower company. Be sure to ask, because if you don’t ask, you won’t get.

Wedding Dress

Visit a wedding dress outlet shop. I talk about this in another posting on Budget Wedding Dresses, where I highly recommend them. Most outlets will have beautiful gowns only one or two seasons old. Given that wedding dress trends move more slowly than the rest of the fashion world, this means you can find the most stunning dresses simply for half the price. A great example is The Bridal Outlet in Leiden.

Wedding Invitations

If you have 100 people at your wedding and each card costs €5, you’re looking at spending €500, and that’s without the additional cost of stamps and envelopes. Creating your own invitations could make that much cheaper. If you are not creative, you might want to use an image of you and your fiancée, or take one from your engagement shoot if you have done one.



Wedding Favours

Just like invitations, you can save a fortune on wedding favours by either going the DIY route or finding some great bargain ideas online. You’d be amazed the lovely things you can make or find that will cost less than a euro, from making your own macarons or scented candles or burning CDs of music from the wedding day.

Wedding Flowers

Did you know that if you choose wedding flowers that are in the season your bill will be a lot lower? Some florists might not share this important little tip with you so be sure to ask which flowers are in season and save yourself a fortune.


There are so many ways you can save money on your wedding while still making it an unforgettable event. These are just tips that will get you on your way to staying within your budget. So remember to take account of all the little expenses, save money where you can, and don’t be afraid of sharing with vendors what your budget is on every single thing you purchase, you’d be amazed at how many will offer a discount