Losing Weight for your wedding


Google the words ‘lose weight’ and ‘wedding’ and you’ll get a good idea of how all-consuming this issue is for many brides planning their wedding. My response to this is simple: stop the craziness! And it’s crazy on SO many levels.

The months and days leading up to your wedding are a magical time that will (hopefully!) happen only once in your lifetime. Will you choose to spend this time enjoying carefree days of brunches with friends and dinners out with your fiancée, or sweating it out at the gym and counting calories? I know what I’d choose.

The reality is that you didn’t go on a diet in preparation for meeting your fiancée, falling in love, or deciding to get married. And the reality is that you DON’T need to lose weight for your wedding: the moment you choose to squeeze all that joyousness into one huge celebration.

When brides get all consumed with dropping a dress size before their wedding, it speaks volumes to me about the body insecurities that we all have, and how the media feeds this with photo-shopped images of supposedly perfect, stick-thin celebrities on their wedding days. As a photographer, I am particularly sensitive to how widespread this practice is in magazines, and how easy it falls into the trap of believing these air-brushed images are a reality. THEY ARE NOT!


There is no such thing as the perfect body. Trying to achieve one in the months leading up to your wedding is not just a losing battle but a goal that could make this time more stressful and less enjoyable then it should be. Everyone is beautiful in different ways, and that’s a message we need to pass on to all women and the little girls who will one day be women. Just take a look at these images that depict what a beautiful body is in different countries.

My advice to all brides is to forget losing weight and instead focus on keeping yourself healthy, fit and positive. If you have a body image issue work in your mind, not your body. That way you’ll radiate not just good health and a positive inner mental state, but confidence and self-belief, and that’s true beauty – beauty that your photographer will capture.