Having a colour scheme at your wedding

What about having a colour scheme and wedding planning? How important is it that you coordinate colours when decorating your venue?

Like with so many other aspects of wedding planning, this is a personal decision and there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s your day and your chance to create an atmosphere that reflects your own personality and that of your fiancée. Have confidence in your vision and – when it comes to photos – a good photographer who you’ve briefed well  are all that matters for a picture-perfect event.

From a photographer’s perspective, colour schemes can look amazing in photos. If you have an event planner, they will help you choose a colour scheme. If you are planning a wedding without one and would like a colour scheme, you might want to do some research or find images of weddings that appeal to you and take note of the colour schemes used.

colour scheme at your wedding

Wedding colour palate

A colour palette will help you isolate the colours you want – not an easy choice but one that, once made, will make decorating your venue and be choosing bridesmaids dresses that much easier.

Many brides choose more than one colour. For my own wedding which was in August this year, I chose a vintage palette of browns, creams and pinks. I even asked some key guests to coordinate their outfits with these colours and around 70% of them did.

It’s your wedding 

Of course, not having a colour scheme at your wedding has its definite advantages, such as allowing for more creative freedom. Which brings us back to a key point: the most important thing is that you feel happy with your choice. Your wedding is not about pleasing others or being on trend, but about finding the right fit for you and your future husband. And a great wedding photographer will reflect that in their images.