Danger of comparing yourself on Social media

Social media is a great place to find wedding inspiration. It can also be a great way to stir up serious amounts of wedding envy and self-doubt. Like over that castle your friend managed to get for her wedding venue (how did she afford it?). Or those impossibly natural and romantic shots of the bride and groom looking too good to be true. Or that wedding dress that looks so perfect on her body but you know wouldn't work on yours.

Imagining everyone else has the perfect life and in this, case, wedding, is the evil side effect of social media. But it doesn't have to be and, if you go into it with the right attitude, social media can be a rich resource of ideas and inspiration.

Just keep these things top of mind:

Pick a theme

Picking a theme for your wedding will really help focus your search for ideas, and help you avoid getting overwhelmed. There is no end to the number of themes out there, but the most common ones are: Beach/seaside, rustic chic (garden, countryside), classic romantic, and vintage glamour. Keep your theme in mind when you're looking for ideas. For example, skip going through the albums of weddings that aren't in keeping with your theme, which will save you from revisiting your decision over and over again and all manner of other torments.

Only look things that are in your budget.

It might be tempting to spend an hour poring over your friend's celebrity-scale wedding with its €20,000 venue, but if your budget is €8,000, you're only going to end up feeling disheartened and depressed about your own venue options. Stick to checking out the weddings that you know are similar to your own in terms of price range and instead of envy you'll be filled with inspiration and confidence.

Limit your time spent searching.


Before you begin your search for inspiration, choose and plan days for each aspect of your wedding and set time limits on how much searching you'll do. For example: “I will search for ideas for my dream wedding dress on Saturday 1 – 2pm. Cake ideas on Sunday 2 – 3pm.” Taking a systematic and limited approach to ideas searching will keep you from feeling overwhelmed by the endless options out there.