being a business owner with dyslexia


Dyslexia as a child


Having dyslexia was a big struggle for me, 20 years ago they didn’t really have any idea at schools what it meant to be dyslexic. You were treated as if you where not intelligent enough or you were “too slow”, but in fact I learnt later in life that this is not the case. Being dyslexic meant you could pick up practical and creative projects very fast. Not in every case, but I was not stimulated to learn at school and would be very bored. I started out very ashamed and felt as if ‘dyslexia’ was a curse. I hated not being able to read as well as everyone else and just stop doing it. I would hide from written work or having to read books. I would cry and feel as if I was not good enough and that something was wrong with me.

Abilities of Dyslexia

As I got older I become more aware of what abilities dyslexia have given me. Dyslexics are not just naturally creative, they are highly aware of the environment, they think and perceive multi-dimensionally and we also have vivid imaginations. This was an amazing plus to have when start a business and especially in wedding photography. Like any other business owner I will have my strengths and weaknesses, so the best way to deal with your weakness is to out source. I write these blogs on my own but I will get someone to look over them for me. All of my flyers, posters and other marketing material will be checked and checked again.


This is a small number of creative people and entrepreneurs with dyslexia

Richard Branson's
Pablo Picasso.
Walt Disney.
Leonardo DaVinci

If you are reading this and you are dyslexic, you can find your dream, it might not be the same as everyone else’s, that’s ok you are good enough and you can do it, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t!